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HOKUSAI studio
attr. to: Taito II  (fl. 1810 - 53)
The warrior, Sato no Tadanobu, smashing a GO-game table

Drawing in 'sumi' (black ink) on thin paper.

Date:                  c. mid-19th century
Size of sheet:     (37 x 25 .5 cms / c. 14.5" x 10" )

Thinnings and worn margins restored; backed; very good overall condition.
An extremely skilfull drawing with perfect, smooth and uninterrupted brush strokes!

For another fine, masterly drawing by TAITO II, see:
item no. #1 in our catalog  Japanese drawings - part I

ref. no.: # S-551091
Price:  € 4,500.00
This powerful drawing, for long considered to be the work of Katsushika HOKUSAI himself, is now attributed to one of his most talented pupils: Genryusai TAITO II (fl. 1810-53) who in his drawing style came very close to that of his teacher. - He first worked, a.o., under the name of Hokusen until in 1819/20 - when Hokusai made one of his many name changes - his teacher honored him with his own go: TAITO. From that date on, Taito's works are signed Katsushika Taito, or Genryusai Taito.

For long, Japanese drawings showing such a skillful brush line as the 'shita-e' presented here, were mostly attributed to Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) himself, many of which now are considered to be by one of Hokusai's most prolific pupils, as Taito II, Hokkei, Hokuba, Hokuga or Shigenobu, who stand out as the best the Hokusai school has produced. Some of their works are so similar in style to those of their master that for long they had been attributed to Hokusai himself.

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- (articles by Hillier, Forrer, Lane, a.o., deal with attribution matters as described above) -

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