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           I.  Original surimono and fan prints
              - including fan-shaped designs -

Okura KOTO & Ogata GEKKO
misc. fan-shaped designs

Shibata ZESHIN -   Porgies and shells
- a large surimono lacquer print -

attr. to Ogata GEKKO - Petals
- deluxe shikishiban surimono -

Yamamoto SHOUN - Parading Frogs
- deluxe shikishiban surimono -

Shibata ZESHIN

Bijin holding a letter
and playing the koto

(link to the Bijin section)

Miuranosuke and a nine-tailed fox
- SOLD - now shown
in the ARCHIVE (!) section.

(large oban)

(large oban)

(large oban)

(large oban)

           II.  Octagonal fan prints by ZESHIN and GYOKUSHO
           Size each: c. 22. 5 x 29 cms / 8 7/8" x 11 3/8"
            Ref. lit.: Milne Henderson, "Shibata Zeshin"; London, 1976.

Shibata ZESHIN (1807-91)
"Decorated bark of tree"; c. 1870
ref. no.: # 6220384 * Price:  € 240.00

Kawabata GYOKUSHO (1842-1913)
"Bindweed in a hanging basket"; c. 1870
ref. no.: # 6220383 * Price:  € 160.00

Shibata ZESHIN (1807-91)
"Teahouse in the countryside"; c. 1870
ref. no.: # 6220385 * Sold

           III.  Akashi copies of early 19th c. surimono

    The following prints are copies of famous surimono, so-called Akashi copies, named after the Japanese town where they were faithfully reproduced in the 1890s. Many of these copies (the 'copy-A' versions) show the same elaborate printing techniques as the originals of the early 19th century. That is why they were taken for originals as late as into the 1970s. It was only in the ground-breaking publication of Roger Keyes, "The art of surimono", that their existence was documented for the first time. Original surimono were often commissioned by poetry circles and privately published. Surimono represent the peak in Japanese woodblock printing techniques. Their costly production resulted in very limited editions of a handful of impressions of each design only. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Akashi copies have become collectors' items over the last decades, not only because they are much less expensive than the rare originals, but because of their faithfulness to the original editions.

after HOKKEI
Pilgrimage to the Benten Shrine
- Sold -

after HOKKEI
Geisha and Boy with Kite
Price:  € 290.00

Geisha strolling with a Kamuro
Price:  € 340.00

from Four clans: the Fujiwara
- Sold -

Tea kettle
Price:  € 290.00

Heian lady with fan
- Sold -

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       landscapes & figure prints              facsimiles of illustrated books

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