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Picture of Famous Sights
of Yokohama

- a Yokohama-e / harimaze-e -

American drinking and carousing
- a Yokohama-e -      (Sold)

UNSEN (fl. 1874-75)
New Invention: Interior Works of a German Battleship
- SOLD -

Seven Brave Marines ... Land on the Shore near Weihaiwei
(Sino-Japanese war, 1894-95)  - SOLD -

Picture of the Fearless Major General Tatsumi
(Sino-Japanese war, 1894-95)

GEKKO, Ogata
Picture of the Surrender of Port Arthur
(Sino-Japanese war, 1894-95) - SOLD -

Keisuke SERIZAWA - Master of Japanese textile design,
designated in 1956 as a 'Living Nataional Treasure' by the Japanese government.

Four complete stencil-dyed calendars: twelve designs for each of the
years: 1983 - 1984 - 1985 and 1991, printed on thick kozo paper.
The prints are in mint condition. - Size: c. 38 x 28 cms / c. 15" x 11") each sheet.

Price of one calendar consisting of twelve single sheet prints
in their corresponding envelope as shown above: € 380.00.

CLICK on an envelope above to view sample pictures.

WADA, Sanzo
Photography Class

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