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Illustrated books
- original editions

A group of excellent woodblock printed facsimile editions of
rare masterpieces of illustrated Japanese books (ehon)

The following illustrated books are woodblock printed facsimiles which were published by the Toyko publishers, Kankokei & Rinsen, in 1917. The publishers had selected acclaimed masterpieces by Harunobu, Shunsho, Shigemasa, Hokusai, Utamaro, Buncho, Toyokuni and others for re-editions, some of them being milestones in the development of the illustrated Japanese book. The publishers had chosen the best block carvers and printers, and the results are extremely faithful, wonderfully printed facsimiles.

TOYOKUNI, Utagawa  (1769 - 1825)

Ehon imayo sugata
('Picture book of Modern Forms and Figures')

Complete in 2 vols; vol. 1: inside front cover:
title; 6 pp. introduction; 1 p. contents (with
pattern-background), 24 pp. (12dp.) color
illustrations; 19 pp. text. Vol. 2: 1 p. contents
(with pattern-background), 24 pp. (12dp.) color
illustrations; 17 pp. text; 2 pp. colophon. Covers
(pale blue): deeply embossed, repeated pattern,
which features the toshidama ("New Year's
jewel") shaped seal of the UTAGAWA SCHOOL
and the editor's, SHIKITEI SAMBA's Shikitei
Published: 1802 (this facsimile edition,
published by Rinsen in 1917.

Ehon imayo sugata is a book about women of
all kinds: from women of noble birth to those of
the lowest classes-from the most virtuous women to
the most immoral.' Specifically, these are Toyo-
kuni's depictions of the modern women of early
19th century Edo (present-day Tokyo) presented
in scenes from their daily lives. The book is
considered one of the artist's most important
works, designed and published at the height of
his career in 1802.

Overall, this 'Picture Book of Modern Forms and
Figures' is organized on a sliding scale of the
perceived morality of the women depicted. The
more "virtuous ladies" are portrayed in volume
one and are physically separated from the "less
virtuous courtesans" of the Yoshiwara Pleasure
Quarters who inhabit volume two.

"Toyokuni's finest achievement in book form,
except for his actors portraits book". (Hillier)

Fine impression, colors, and condition. - RARE.

ref. no.: # E 2469
Price:  € 1,250.00

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SHUNSHO, Katsukawa  (1726-93)
& BUNCHO, Ippitsusai  (fl. 1765-92)

Ehon butai ogi
('Portraits of Edo Actors on Fans')

Complete in three volumes.
Contains 121 prints (portraits of actors).
Japanese-style binding, originally published
in 1770, this facsimile edition: 1917
Fine impression, color and condition. - RARE.

Copies of the original edition of 1770 almost never
show up on the market, and if so, are a matter of
five- or even six-figure amounts!

ref. no.:  # E 0046
Price:     € 1,950.00

For single-page prints from the original edition
of 1770, pls. see the KABUKI & LEGEND

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