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Utagawa TOYOKUNI II   (1777 - 1835) Series title: Ten Views of Edo - Comparison of Beauties
- Evening snow in Komandome

Preparatory brush drawing in sumi (black ink) on
thin paper, with touches of orange color for the obi.

Signed:                  Toyokuni ga
Date:                      c. 1815
Paper size:            39 x 27 cms / c. 15.4" x 10.6"),

Condition:             Unusually fine for a preparatory drawing.

Ref. no.: # S-0542
Price:  € 5,800.00
SPECIAL OFFER - this unique drawing plus the published print of another design from this series (pls.see below):  € 6,900.00
A finished drawing (hanshita-e), most likely for a print of a series depicting women in daily activities, entitled: Ten Views of Edo - Comparison of Beauties. - An oblong inset in the upper part of the drawing shows a landscape scenery, - an evening snowscape of the village of Komandome. The title of the booklet on the floor reads: "Women as lovely as fairies". - The series title cartouche of this otherwise completed, and even signed drawing is still empty.

Utagawa TOYOKUNI II, ukiyo-e painter, print artist and illustrator, original name: Genzo, was a pupil of Utagawa TOYOKUNI I (1769-1825), who gave him the artist's name Toyoshige. After the death of his master he adopted the name Toyokuni (the second).
The published print of another design of the above series is shown in the BJIN section of our web gallery  (CLICK on the picture at right:)

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