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SEIEN, Shima   (1893 - 1970) The heroine, Yûgiri
(print also known as 'The departed spirit of a courtesan')

Signed:               Seien (red cartouche upper left)
Carver:              Yamagishi Kazue
Printer:              Nishimura Kumakichi
Published:          1923
Size:                    c.  45. 5 x 29. 5 cms

EXCELLENT impression, color and condition.
- With areas of paper embossing. -

ref. no.: # 756051
€ 1,100.00
Shima Seien was one of a handful of female artists, who gained public recognition at the time. She had studied under Kitano Tsunetomi and Noda Kyûho, and evolved her own style of bijinga ('beautiful women prints') deeply rooted in the modern nihonga ('Japanese painting style') tradition.

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