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series by, a.o.:
Pictures of Famous Places with the Flowers of Edo
Edo no hana meisho-e

Signed:                     Toyokuni ga
Date:                         1864
Publisher:                Kato Kiyoshi
Size:                          ôban tate-e  (35.7 x 24 cm / 14" x 9 3/4"

Very good impression and color, very good condition.

ref. no.: #756034
Price:  € 380.00
The print's segments contain the following elements:
"Nihon-enoki"   (Place name, means: "Two hackberries")
Top:                    Man in the rain and two broken umbrellas by SEISEI KYOSAI.
Bottom left:       View of the Jogyo-ji, temple in Nihon-enoki by KYOSAI
Bottom center:  Ichikawa Jukai (= Danjûrô VII) as BASHO (poet, 1644-94), by 78-years
                           old Toyokuni III (= Kunisada I), poem on two hackberries by BASHO.
Bottom right:    Monument of Hanabusa Itchô (1652-1724) with his farewell poem at the
                           Shokyo-ji, temple in Nihon-enoki by KYOSAI.

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