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attr. to Utagawa KUNISADA
(1786 - 1865)
Wakashu and Courtesan

Date:                 c. 1840
Size:                  koban yoko-e (c. 12 x 18.5 cms / c. 4 3/4" x 7 1/8")

FINE impression and color, very good condition. - Surimono-quality printing
on DELUXE paper. - With the use of metalic (silver and gold) pigments.

Ref. no.: # 621997
- Sold -
Wakashu were actors by profession; they played female roles, but being men, they shaved their forelocks and are usually shown, as here, with their foreheads covered in purple cloth. These were known as murasaki-boshi ('purple hats'). - Since wakashu, next to having been young actors playing female roles, often were boy prostitutes at the same time, in shunga they are often depicted in a homoerotic context, which doesn't seem to be the case here: the boy's partner seems to be a woman.

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