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KUNISADA, Utagawa  (1786 - 1865) An Imaginary Thirty-six Poets: Five Iris Flowers in Full Bloom
Hana shobo goshiki zensai

Signed:                     Toyokuni ga
Date:                         4th month, 1858
Publisher:                 Yamada-ya
Size:                           oban pentaptych  (37 x 25. 5 cm / 14 1/2" x 10" each sheet)

Excellent impression, colors and condition; unfaded,
brilliant colors, full paper size, five separate sheets as issued.

ref. no.: #585024
Price:  € 1,850.00
This complete, five-panel composition shows the following five kabuki actors (from right to left):
Isamigoma no Tokuzo, Iwai Enjiro, Banreskisha Ichinosuke, Hokoku no Gonza, and Mizukami no Kisaburo standing at the rails along a pond with irises at night, to which the title refers; roofs of distant houses are seen behind them.

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