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(1874 - 1964)
The heroine Matsukaze in: 'Matsukaze Murasame Sokutai Kagami'
from the supplement to "The complete works of Chikamatsu"

Sealed:                hiro
Carver:               Yamagishi Kazue
Printer:               Nishimura Kumekichi
Published:           c. 1923
Size:                     dai oban tate-e (c. 44 x 28,5 cms / c. 17 3/8 x 11 1/4")

Fine impression, color and condition. - Mint.

ref. no.: # 743083
Price:    € 750.00
From a group of twelve individual prints, a joint work by twelve artists. - Nakazawa graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Art in 1900; studied with Soyama Sachihiko, Horie Masaaki, and Kuroda Seiki. Nakazawa was honored in the 1950s for meritorious service to culture.

The series is discussed and partly illustrated in:  'The New Wave', nos. # 207-08, and in 'The Female Image'.

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