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YUMEJI, Takehisa
(1884 - 1934)
series: A collection of Yumeji's Pictures in woodblock prints
- Evening Cool -

Signed:           Yumeji, with artist's seal
Published:      original design c. 1910s; this large-size woodblock version made: 1970s
Size:                (c. 51.3 x 39.6 cms / 20" x 15 1/2")

EXCELLENT impression, color and condition.
- With paper embossing. -

The print comes with the original, decorative presentation folder.

ref. no.: #742994
Price:    € 1,250.00
Title printed in the left margin: Takehisa Yumeji mokuhanga shu ('A Collection of Takehisa Yumeji's Pictures in Woodblock Prints'): a beauty holding a round fan (uchiwa) is sitting near a bamboo plant and enjoying the evening cool.

Takehisa YUMEJI became famous for his pictures (pintings, prints, books) expressing the particular feeling of the Taisho democracy, the Taisho romanticism. Next to classical depictions of young women wearing kimonos, we also find the type of 'modern' girl (moga) dressed in western clothes, self-conscious, but vulnerable at the same time. Also, the influence of the art deco style which found its way to Japan at the time is quite noticeable in Yumeji's work.

Due to the artist's untimely death at the age of forty-nine, much of his work was published posthumously as is the case with this print.

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