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(1839 - 1892)
Mirror of Famous Commanders of Great Japan
Abe no Hirafu fighting a great bear in the snow

Signed:                         oju Yoshitoshi
Artist's seal:                Taiso
Publisher:                    Funazu Chujiro
Dated:                           1880
Size:                               c. 36 x 24 cms / c. 14" x 9.75"

EXCELLENT impression, color and condition; unfaded colors due to
formerly having been bound in an album (therefore backed).

Ref. no.:  # 722798
Price:       € 1,150.00
ABE NO HIRAFU, a governor of Koshi, who in 658 commanded an expedition against the Ebisu, here fighting a great bear in the snow.

Stevenson / van den Ing / Schaap,  Beauty and Violence - Japanese prints by Yoshitoshi 1839 - 1892; series no. # 27; pp. 116-119, print no. # 27.42.

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