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(1797 - 1861)
From an untitled series of SIX CRYSTAL RIVERS:
Koya Crystal River in Kii Province

Signed:                      Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga, with kiri seal
Publisher:                 Sanoya Kihei
Censors' seals of:     Yoshimura and Muramatsu
Published:                 c. 1847-48
Size:                           oban triptych  (35 x 25 cms / c. 14.1" x 9.8" - each sheet)

Very good impression, color and condition.
   - Three separate sheets as issued -

ref. no.:  # 712764
Price:    € 1,350.00
This print belongs to a series of six dealing with the Mutamagawa (the 'Six Crystal Rivers'), all revered for their clear water. The illustrations of this theme are based on traditional poems written by classical poets, elements of these poems being incorporated into the designs.
Three women, one of them accompanied by a child, by a river running through a valley. The woman in the center is smoking a pipe. Beyond, people travelling on the road along the river, hills rising up in the background. - The Koya River takes its name from Mount Koya where it originates.

Matthi FORRER, "The Baur Collection - Geneva", vol. II; 1994, ill. no. G399 in color; (for others of the set see cat. nos. #396-98, #400-401).

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