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TORAJI, Ishikawa
(1875 - 1964)
'Ten types of female nudes' (Rajo jisshu)
'At the Bath' (Yokushitsu nite)
Signed:            Ishikawa, with artist's seal: Tora
                         Toraji's watermark signature in Japanese
                         at the lower right margin.
Published:       1934
Publisher:        Ryokuso Gashitsu (Ishikawa Toraji)
SIZE:               large dai oban tate-e (c. 48 x 38 cms / 19" x 15", all over paper size)

Excellent impression, color and condition.

ref. no.: # 702478
Price:    € 2,450.00
Ishikawa TORAJI, a student of Koyama Shotaro, traveled to the US and Europe from 1902-04. Received the Imperial Award of the Japan Art Academy in 1953. The series, 'Ten types of female nudes' in its unique style, is reminiscent of the era.

Waves of renewal - modern Japanese prints 1900-1960; Leiden, 2016; pp. 98-104, col. ill. p.104.

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