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UTAMARO, Kitagawa  (1750 - 1806) Couple engaged in love-making

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Date:                 c. 1803
Size:                 half-sized oban yoko-e (c. 16. 7 x 38 cms / c. 6 1/2" x 15")

Condition:       very good to fine impression, color and condition. - Full paper size. VERY RARE.

Ref. no.: # 591781
Price:  € 1,250.00
The size of this rare print is quite uncommon, and probably represents the only series by Utamaro in this unusual format: a half-size oban design would have been carved on one half of a woodblock, with another design carved from the other. - One oher design from this series is housed in the collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (see ref. below).

For another design from the series see:
Japanese Erotic Fantasies, Amsterdam, 2005; no.47, p. 143.

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