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attr. to Kobayashi EITAKU
(1786 - 1865)

Preparatory drawing for a kakekmono-sized print or painting
in sumi ('black ink'), with partial red underdrawing.

Date:                  c. 1870 -80s
Artist's seal:   Sensai Eitaku
Size:                  kakemono (c. 70 x 34. 5 cms / c. 27 1/2" x 13 1/2")

In very good overall condition.

Ref. no.: # S-1602
Price:  € 1,950.00
KOBAYASHI EITAKU, born in Edo, was a Japanese-style painter, printmaker and illustrator, pupil of KANO EITOKU TATSUNOBU (1814-91); first worked in the kano tradition, later studied the nanga manner; finally developed his own style of realistic painting; specialized in historic subjects and figures, including at least one illustrated book on children's games, also did illustrations for the Yokohama Manichi Shimbun.

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